The daily threat of Coronavirus and social distancing has put an incredible strain on businesses. How can businesses keep their establishments clean and disinfected to help minimize the risk to their customers? While an emphasis has been placed on keeping surfaces inside buildings clean and virus-free, one must remember that steps to minimize the tracking of dirt, bacteria, viruses and gunk into hospitals, stores, restaurants and buildings is also very important.  Properly cleaning sidewalks, entryways and playground equipment is key to keeping these places clean, disinfected and properly sanitized.

Service Professionals Can Be the First Line of Defense

Service Professionals play a vital role in the cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of outdoor surfaces that will minimize the tracking of these dangerous substances indoors. was developed to address how service professionals such as power wash businesses, plumbers, drain line cleaners and other home service businesses can utilize hot water cleaning equipment such as hot water power washers (such as those manufactured by USA based Power Line Industries, Inc.) and hot water drain line jetters with power wash capabilities (such as those manufactured by HotJet USA) for cleaning, disinfecting & sanitation. Stopping dangerous pathogens takes a THREE STEP PROCESS: 1) Neutralize with a proper sanitizing mix with sufficient bleach concentration, 2) proper amount of dwell time to give the sanitation mix to “do its job” and finally 3) cleaning with HIGH TEMPERATURE HOT WATER. Cold water cleaning equipment DOES NOT ADEQUATELY clean, disinfect & sanitize for coronavirus COVID-19 or any other germs and viruses.  Navigate using the buttons above for more information, case studies, demonstration videos and where to purchase equipment. Please contact us with any questions or call toll-free at 1-800-624-8186. We are open, building machines and shipping during this crisis. We are ready to assist you!